O Water bottle Cucumber Mint
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Delicately steam distilled botanical water

Our founder Gemma Pond infused water at home in an attempt to encourage her family to drink more water. When she realised there wasn’t a similar zero sugar and sweetener product she could buy off the shelf Gemma had her epiphany moment; she wanted to create a drink that was honest, and really did offer healthy hydration.

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Owater delicately steamed water image
O Water All the goodness of water illustration

All the goodness of water

At OWater we feel a little difference makes all the difference, so we delicately steam distil our botanical extracts to release their subtle flavouring and carefully blend them with spring water.

We treat our water with care and don’t add any sugar, sweeteners or heavy flavours.

O Water bottle Cucumber Mint
Owater all the goodness of water image

Owater Range

Brand Facts

Owater Range

Refreshing still spring water delicately blended with a hint of natural fruit flavours and botanical extracts

Brand Facts


Steam distilled botanicals


0 sugars, 0 sweeteners, 0 calories


100% recycled packaging, made with 50% recycled PET

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