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Tue, March 13, 2012
Beverage Brands is embarking on a highly targeted launch for a new ‘Club’ variant of WKD – Britain’s leading RTD brand.1

The new line - WKD Club Edition - has been developed specifically for the late night venue/club sector, and Beverage Brands is making it available from the end of March to just 200 outlets. The primary target audience for the WKD Club Edition is 18 to 25-year old males.

WKD Club Edition is packaged in distinctive, stylish black 275ml bottles featuring innovative ultra violet-activated graphics on the neck and front labels of the bottles, making them highly visible in the late night environment for which they have been created.

The flavour of the 4% ABV liquid is equally intriguing and, as with the WKD Blue, Iron Brew, Red and Purple variants, Beverage Brands is leaving consumers to identify and interpret the unique taste without giving any clues on the flavour profile.

Beverage Brands is suggesting that the price point for WKD Club Edition should be aligned with that of the other four WKD variants, and that it should be positioned on the top shelf of the chiller cabinet for maximum impact.

Stockists will be supplied with comprehensive promotional kits comprising: back-bar trim; UV bar runners; screen advertising loops; posters with headlines such as ‘SHINY AND NEW – WKD CLUB EDITION EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE HERE’; and UV t-shirts printed on the front/reverse with ‘WELCOME TO THE CLUB/WKD CLUB EDITION EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE HERE’. The new WKD Club Edition will also benefit from the halo effect of the broader based WKD marketing and advertising campaign.

SHS Drinks formerly Beverage Brands