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14th October 2014

An innovative ‘alcohol alternative’ approach to freshers’ activity from SHS Drinks has helped communicate Drinkaware’s responsible drinking messages and promote the new Drinkaware iPhone App which has now been downloaded and installed by more than 26,000 users since it was launched in August.

This year the drinks supplier – whose brand portfolio includes WKD, Britain’s biggest-selling RTD brand1; Shloer, the No.1 adult soft drinks brand2; and the bottlegreen range of premium cordials and sparkling pressés – used a winning combination of delicious no-alcohol cocktails, measuring cups, alcohol unit calculator wheels and Drinkaware’s new iPhone App technology to get the Drinkaware messages across to around 7,000 students in Gloucestershire, where SHS Drinks is headquartered.

Activity kicked off with SHS Drinks making free samples of ‘mocktails’ such as ‘Green Fairy’, ‘Damn Good’, ‘O%’ ‘Sophisticated Lady’ and ‘Shloer Sunday Sling’ along with bottlegreen elderflower sparkling pressé available to the 2,000 students attending the Freshers’ Fayre staged at the University of Gloucestershire Park Campus in Cheltenham. Having captured their attention, SHS Drinks was able to engage with students and make them aware of the myriad of Drinkaware resources available to help them to monitor and keep track of their alcohol intake, whilst also advising them on different choices which they can make and what alternatives are available to them both when drinking at home and at pubs and bars.

As well as handing out hundreds of Drinkaware measuring cups, alcohol unit calculator wheels and cards with details of the new Drinkaware App – which enables users to track alcohol consumption, calculate the number of alcohol units and calories consumed, set goals to help moderate drinking and understand the impact of drinking alcohol – SHS Drinks also sent samples of bottlegreen sparkling pressé along with the Drinkaware information materials to thousands of students at other higher educational sites around the county.


Amanda Grabham, SHS Drinks’ Marketing Director –Soft Drinks, says: “We’re extremely pleased with the positive feedback we received from students. Their responses show that this approach delivered the responsible drinking message in a way which resonates with them and demonstrates how alternatives to alcohol and tools such as the Drinkaware App can become an integral part of their lifestyle.

“We had comments such as: ‘The App looks good, I’ll definitely give it a try’, ‘This (Green Fairy) tastes amazing, you wouldn’t know it was non-alcoholic’, ‘I never know how much wine I’m pouring, it will be good to measure it in the cup and make it go further to save some money’, ‘I don’t drink that much but struggle to find alternatives – this (bottlegreen) is lovely!’. But one of the biggest surprises at the fayre was the level of response and genuine interest we received from the rugby and wrestling teams!”

Grabham adds: “Over the years, members of the SHS Drinks marketing team have consistently worked with the Drinkaware campaign committee to help maximise the impact and reach of the campaign, and the freshers’ campaign we created this year certainly seems to have captured the interest of students by making them aware that there are delicious alternatives to alcohol and that there is a vast array of information and tools such as the Drinkaware App available to help them to moderate their alcohol intake.”