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WKD Asks: Witch Cocktail Cauldron?

8th September 2014

WKD will be generating themed theatre in on-trade outlets this October by providing WKD Cocktail Cauldrons to serve special WKD Halloween cocktails from.  The moulded cauldrons are complete with authentic-looking feet to keep them stable and a pouring lip to aid sharing.

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The biggest dilemma for consumers will be in choosing a cocktail.  To help resolve this, SHS Drinks is suggesting a range of Halloween-themed cocktail recipes under the banner ‘Witch Cocktail Cauldron?’

The four special cocktail recipes will give groups of friends the chance to enjoy Britain’s favourite RTD1 with complementing spirits and soft drink mixers.  The WKD Halloween cocktails include aptly named offerings such as: WKD Pumpkin Grin (WKD Iron Brew, whisky, lime, lemonade, ice) and WKD Zombie Zinger (WKD Red, vodka, lime cordial, cola, ice).

To help staff prepare the cocktails quickly and effectively at busy times, a mixing guide is being provided.  The guide instructs that each cauldron should be served with four glasses and informs that each poured serving contains approximately one unit of alcohol.  As well as the cocktail-related activity, WKD will also be providing outlets with a range of fun POS items created in a suitably WKD-style.  Banners, posters, mobiles and table-talkers will all help Halloween celebrations go well


“Halloween is becoming a bigger and bigger event in the social calendar each year,” says Debs Carter, Marketing Director – Alcohol at SHS Drinks.  “We’re reflecting its growing importance by providing licensees with in-outlet support which not only generates footfall and drives sales, but also helps create a great atmosphere for consumers and builds the overall occasion.

“WKD Halloween cocktails are perfect for groups of friends to share, and served in eye-catching WKD Cocktail Cauldrons they’ll make a real impact this October,” concludes Carter.


1Source: CGA GB on-trade RTD category volume (L) and value (£) share MAT to 17.05.14