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As the Drinks Division of The SHS Group (a privately owned family business), we own, manufacture and market soft and alcoholic drinks. We are made up of four different thriving operating companies: Beverage Brands, Merrydown plc, Bottlegreen and Caledonian Bottlers. Each of these businesses was started by an entrepreneur and we continue to work with that same drive and passion for our brands.

We also believe in having fun, which is reflected by our leading alcohol brand in the portfolio; WKD, a brand that has a retail value in the UK of over £157 million and is the number one RTD in both the UK and ROI. Other key brands include our Shloer adult soft drink, Merrydown cider, and Bottlegreen cordial and sparkling pressé. We export to over 40 countries with a £10 million turnover. Our sales and distributions in the UK and Ireland is co-ordinated by our sales teams.

We provide a centre of excellence on drinks within the SHS Group and can share our skills across the Group as required. Our team work together to deliver results and how we think and act is highlighted in our manifesto. Our ethos of responsibility is also delivered right across the Group, with all employees receiving training about responsible drinking, marketing and understanding how we should communicate these important messages. For more information on any of these areas of our business, please have a look around the site, or get in touch.


As a manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic and soft drinks, we fully understand how important it is for us to have a responsible policy on marketing, packaging and advertising our products.

As well as working closely with organisations such as Drinkaware and The Portman Group, we have initiated and run our own successful responsible drinking campaigns such as “Look After Your Mates” that, thanks to the success of our brand advertising work, has been able to reach a large number of young adults.

Find out more about our responsible approach to everything we do across the business on the responsibility page.

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SHS Drinks is a successful international exporter, and we export to over 40 countries around the world. We have excellent relationships with distributors in each of these countries – you can find full details on our International Distributors page.

SHS International Distributors Map